LAST PROTECTION STANDING for Connected and IoT Devices

Prevent The Next Persistent Cyberattack 

NanoLock Security introduces an unmatched, device level protection and management that blocks malicious access to critical code by outsiders, insiders and supply chain attackers. IoT and connected devices like smart meters¸ routers¸ security cameras, data concentrators and many others, stay protected regardless if the attacker has a network or physical access to the devices. Our lightweight protection has zero power, processing and memory footprint, and is ideally suited for battery operated devices.

NanoLock’s powerful protection blocks all persistent cyberattacks, such as ransomware, malware, DDoS and many more, that manipulate the device’s Flash memory to create persistent control and survive reset.

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Protecting Devices to Secure Critical Infrastructure

NanoLock’s unique device-level protection intercepts and reports cyber attacks in real-time, serving a wide range of connected devices, including smart meters, data concentrators, industrial controllers, routers, cameras and the like, in numerous industries and applications.

  • Water and Energy Utilities, Smart Meter Vendors
  • Industrial Companies
  • Telcos and Managed Security Providers
  • Smart City and Mobility
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Increase Security. Gain Visibility and Control. Reduce Operational Costs.

NanoLock’s ironclad protection thwarts persistent attacks and prevents malicious take over and service interruption using a new prevention approach. Our device-level protection acts as a Flash memory gatekeeper to block malicious access to critical code, while allowing only authenticated commands and validated firmware updates.

NanoLock Security alleviates the operational risks and costs associated with cyber-attacks and device-level hack & patch cycle with:

  • Powerful, lifetime device protection against malicious attacks
  • Reliable installed based visibility
  • Real-time, trusted, device-level status & alerts
  • Validated and secured over-the-air updates
  • Unique forensic data for further threat intelligence
  • Quick disaster recovery
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