Lightweight, Ironclad Security & Management for IoT and connected edge devices

Device Protection, Management and Secured OTA

From embedded to cloud¸ NanoLock Security provides the industry’s only lightweight¸ virtually¸ low-cost security and management solution for connected edge devices.

Using virtually zero computing or power resources¸ NanoLock Security protects firmware¸ boot image and critical applications stored on connected IoT devices¸ preventing attacks ranging from ransomware to malicious manipulation of stored code and configuration info.


NanoLock’s platform is the only solution that protects¸ secures and manages the full lifecycle of connected and IoT device ecosystems for application domains like:

  • Connected and Autonomous cars
  • Smart meters
  • Smart city
  • Security cameras
  • Routers
  • ICs and critical infrastructure


NanoLock prevents overwriting¸ modification¸ manipulation erasure and attacks on firmware¸ boot image applications executables¸ and configuration in all connected and IoT devices.

NanoLock protects the device’s entire lifecycle¸ from provisioning¸ operations and firmware updates¸ and even after the device’s end of life.

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