LAST PROTECTION STANDING for Connected and IoT Devices

Prevent The Next Persistent Attack with Powerful Flash-to-Cloud Defense

NanoLock Security provides powerful, device-level protection from insider, outsider and supply chain attacks. NanoLock’s always-on protection blocks attacks, even when the network or device is hacked or the attacker has physical access to the device. Using virtually zero computing or power resources and agnostic to the processor and operating system, NanoLock Security protects IoT and connected edge devices from all persistent attacks.

Security By Design Infrastructure for Industries and Applications

NanoLock’s unique flash-to-cloud serves as a powerful security solution for a range of industries and applications that rely on the IoT and connected edge devices.

  • Utilities and industrial companies: Protecting smart meters, sensors & controllers
  • Solution providers and system integrators : Securing routers & gateways
  • Smart cities: Safeguarding cameras & sensors
  • Automotive and mobility: Securing connected & autonomous mobility
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Dramatically Reduce Security Spending

Prevent downtime and associated costs of attacks while thwarting persistent, large-scale hacks with NanoLock’s ironclad flash-to-cloud protection.

Reduce operational costs with secured and validated Over-The-Air updates and reliable, device-level status and alerts for implementing security measures in off-shore production facilities.

Alleviate the burden of security expenditures with NanoLock’s unique pay-per-activated-device cost structure, that shifts security expenses from CAPEX to OPEX.

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