The NanoLock Advantage

NanoLock’s device-level protection prevents cyberattacks on connected and IoT devices, such as smart meters, data concentrators, industrial machines and controllers, routers, cameras and many more, regardless if the attack was initiated remotely or through physical connection, by insider or outsider attackers. NanoLock’s defense intercepts and reports hacking attempts in real-time with a lightweight solution that does not require any computational or memory resources and has no additional BOM cost.

Why choose NanoLock?

  • Powerful defense against fraud, ransomware, state level attacks and even unfamiliar vulnerabilities, regardless if the attacker is an outsider¸ insider or a supply chain player.
  • Reliable installed base and device-level visibility with trusted, real-time status & alerts.
  • Validated update enforcement through secured and managed over-the-air updates.
  • Unique forensic data for further threat intelligence.
  • Quick disaster recovery from cyber breach or human error.
  • Lifetime device protection, from manufacturing and supply chain¸ through operations and firmware updates to device’s end-of-life